Strategic Triangle

Improving cooperation between the world of education and training, and the world of work

The BEEHiVES project (Boosting European Exchange on Higher VET and Employer Involvement in Education Structures) addresses cooperation and collaboration barriers in the Strategic Partnership Triangle – HVET/PHE institutions, employers/labor markets, and students. Its main aim is to contribute to the development of skills relevant to labor market needs and to equip students with the knowledge and skills relevant for their long-term employability, entrepreneurship and personal development.

The project reflects developments within the EHEA and will make a significant contribution to the Modernisation Agenda. A key objective of the Agenda to Modernise and Reform Higher Education in the EU is for Higher Education to more clearly meet job market requirements. Several recent studies highlight Higher Vocational Training’s strategic role as a significant driving force when providing high-level skills related to employment and when improving employment rates after graduation.

By developing transferable competencies and practices to strengthen HVET, project also improves cooperation between the world of education and training and the world of work or Strategic Partnership Triangle.

Through its life cycle, BEEHiVES designed tools and measures for a fundamental step-change in terms of employer involvement in programme and curriculum design, validation, accreditation and award processes – placing employers and the needs of the labour market at the centre of the education offer. All results are collected and presented in web-based “Strategy Matrix Toolbox” that ensures the three apexes of the strategic triangle are able to work more productively, improve student retention and increase employability post-graduation.